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Hey! Are you ready for some awesomeness?

Say hello to BottlePal! Our first app ever, apple of our eye, is now available. BottlePal is a totally new, easier and more awesome way to recycle your deposit containers! In the app you can choose if you want to donate or collect bottles. As a donator you get a fully free service to donate your bottles from the comfort of your own home. Great, huh? Here comes some more; collectors can collect those bottles and keep the deposit money all to themselves! You can find BottlePal from the App Store and Google Play. May the bottles be recycled!

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We base our operations to honesty and good governance.


We respect each other, our customers, our partners and their businesses.


We understand that diversity brings and creates strength and versatility to our operations.


We trust each other and we want to promote and cherish trust in everything what we do.


We want to promote sustainability, continuity and green values in our operations, and we try to always utilize opportunities new technology offers for our business.


Civil & Commercial

Family Law

"We want to develop sustainable solutions."


Behind ArcticApp there are four young ladies and one gent coming from Lapland Finland. We have always been interested in entrepreneurship and when the business idea came up we just couldn’t let it be. So we gathered our team and during spring 2018 we started the project without any previous tech experience. The journey has been so much fun and we are learning new things along the way. We are excited for the future!

Meet the team

Julia Vuosku

Board Member & Co-Founder

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Mila Tornberg

Board Member & Co-Founder

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Board Member & Co-Founder

Jenna Korpivaara

Board Member & Co-Founder

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Mika Vuosku

Chairman Of The Board & Co-Founder

Elina Pöykkö

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Mika Vuosku

email: mika.vuosku@arcticapp.fi

tel: +358 400 200 275


Rovaniemi,  Finland

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